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Hi, I am Arnab

I currently work as a Software Engineer at Google in the Ads team.

I did my B.tech in 2023 in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur.

I've always had a strong enthusiasm for technology, education, and problem-solving. I also enjoy using my blogs and tweets to share my knowledge.

My interest in coding peaked during my 11th when I had Computer Science in my curriculum. I wanted to do more than just pattern printing problems that used to come in school exams. And that's how I came across Competitive Programming. I attempted for INOI (Indian National Olympiad in Informatics) in my 12th standard with around 3 months of CP experience, and it was a disaster. But even after that, I continued with CP. I reached "Expert" in Codeforces by the end of my 1st year.

During the COVID lockdown, I found more interest in Ethical Hacking and participated in lots of CTFs with Anik Das and we were ranked 65th all India according to CTFTime.

Then I started delving into Development and Open Source. I got the Coronasafe Pupilfirst Fellowship. Then I was also selected for the first cohort of Summer of Bitcoin.

In my pre-final year, I interned at Google as a SWE Intern and by the end of the internship, I was able to get a PPO (Pre-Placement Offer).

Even in my final year, I interned at a bunch of different startups:

  • Cypherock in the field of web3 and blockchain

  • GMetriXR in the field of AR/VR

To summarise these are the fields I have worked on:

  • Competitive Programming

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Open Source

  • Development

    • Web Development

    • Web3 and Blockchain

    • Embedded Systems

    • AR/VR

... and I still looking forward to learning more.


Here are some of my achievements (most of them were during my college times):

  • Ranked 2nd position among 22k participants in the Cybersecurity Hackathon conducted by RISE. Got featured in ThePrint , TheWeek , News18 , ANI News , Mid-day .

  • Was among the top 100 candidates selected out of over 10,000 applications and 2,500 project proposals for the XROS Fellowship Program 2023, an initiative of FICCI, supported by Meta, and implemented by Reskilll.

  • Ranked 98 globally among 136,054 students (from 34 countries) in Round 2 of Codevita 2022.

  • Ranked 25 in India and 311 globally in Google Hashcode 2021.

  • Selected for Summer of Bitcoin 2021 . Around 55 were selected from 4800+ applicants.

  • Ranked 72 among 200+ teams in ICPC Asia Kanpur-Mathura Regionals 2020.

  • Best Hardware Hack in SnakesNHackers Hackathon by MLH. The project link: arnabsen1729/HackersNLadders .

  • Secured a rank in the top 24 out of 50,452 applications in CoronaSafe Engineering Fellowship Program by AICTE.

  • Leetcode Rating 2006 (top 2.31%) (handle: arnabsen1729 ) solved 800+ problems.

  • Leetcode ranked 431th out of 15000+ in India.

  • Codeforces Rating Expert 1614 (handle: arnab1729 )

  • Codechef Div1 4star 1802 (handle: arnab1729 )

  • 1003th out of 17k+ in Credit Suisse Global Coding Contest.

  • 1st Position in CodeRush 2020 by IEEE-MIT out of 70+ teams.

  • Ranked 103 in rgbCTF2020 out of 1034

  • My CTF Team 0xw3bs3c was ranked 65th in India according to CTFTime.

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